Gregory  Clayton

Gregory Clayton

To my little sister- Georgia. I am sorry for cancelling your trip. I was just concerned about your safety.

Posted on : 18 Apr

Frank  Taylor

Frank Taylor

I am sorry Ed. I was unaware of your accident. Please forgive me.

Posted on : 18 Apr

Daisy  Liza

Daisy Liza

This apology goes to the stranger at the street car on Friday. I am sorry for guiding you at the wrong direction.

Posted on : 18 Apr

Skyler  Raul

Skyler Raul

This goes to my personal trainer-Edward. I am sorry for not maintaining the diet as you have advised.

Posted on : 18 Apr

Amanda  Betty

Amanda Betty

To my team mate at the workplace. Roger I am sorry I was not aware of your personal problem.

Posted on : 18 Apr

Johny  Drake

Johny Drake

This goes to my manager- Mr. Robert. I wanted to apologize because of the embarrassment at the team presentation.

Posted on : 17 Apr

Steven  Henry

Steven Henry

I am sorry bro. I did not want to hurt you. Please get well soon.

Posted on : 17 Apr

Ana  Stacy

Ana Stacy

My heartfelt apology goes to my Mom. I am sorry for not listening to you before coming in this country.

Posted on : 17 Apr

Christian  Diego

Christian Diego

To my land owner-Mr. Michael. I apologize for using your garage longer than the contract.

Posted on : 17 Apr

Alexandra  Bella

Alexandra Bella

This apology goes to my maid. I am sorry for accusing you for the dirty floor. I did not know it was my son's mischief.

Posted on : 17 Apr

Eduardo  Connor

Eduardo Connor

This apology goes to my institute librarian. I am sorry for the damage of the book. It was really unintentional.

Posted on : 17 Apr

George  Maxwell

George Maxwell

My heartfelt apology goes to the stranger at the riverside mall. My bag was exchanged with yours.

Posted on : 17 Apr