Kevin  Hernandez

Kevin Hernandez

I want to apologize to my manager for scolding him unnecessarily in front of all the employees.

Posted on : 25 Aug

Grace  Hamilton

Grace Hamilton

I want to apologize to my mother for making her upset with my exam grade.

Posted on : 21 Aug

Raya  Wilson

Raya Wilson

I want to apologize to my daughter- Anaya. I am sorry darling for making you wait in the restaurant.

Posted on : 18 Aug

William  Gonzalez

William Gonzalez

I want to apologize to my best friend- Samuel. I am sorry that I couldn't attend our friendship day party.

Posted on : 14 Aug

Carol  Adams

Carol Adams

I want to apologize to the head surgeon for making mistake in the medicine chart of a diabetic patient.

Posted on : 11 Aug

David  Baker

David Baker

My heartfelt apology for my daughter- Navya. I am sorry for bringing strawberry cake on your birthday. I forgot that you don't like the flavour.

Posted on : 11 Aug

Ruth  Clark

Ruth Clark

I apologize to my sister- Ella. I am sorry for losing your favorite earring.

Posted on : 11 Aug

Albert  Disilva

Albert Disilva

My heartfelt apology for my best friend- Sandy. I am sorry for taking your bike for a ride without informing you.

Posted on : 11 Aug

Donna  Johnson

Donna Johnson

I want to apologize to my sister-in-law for not attending her 50th anniversary.

Posted on : 11 Aug

Ella   Howard

Ella Howard

I want to apologize to my teacher for coming late in the class.

Posted on : 08 Aug

Mia  Cooper

Mia Cooper

I want to apologize to my son for not gifting him his favorite toy.

Posted on : 08 Aug

Samuel  Bailey

Samuel Bailey

My heartfelt apology is for my room mate – Anaya. I am sorry for misbehaving with you.

Posted on : 08 Aug

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