Kevin  Allen

Kevin Allen

I apologize to my girl friend Kayra. I am sorry for making you wait for such a long time. I was stuck in my office.

Posted on : 22 Jul

Morgan  Bell

Morgan Bell

I want to apologize to my Teacher. I am sorry because I failed to submit the project on time.

Posted on : 22 Jul

Margaret  Allen

Margaret Allen

My heartfelt apology goes to my niece. I am sorry I forgot to bring your favorite chocolate.

Posted on : 22 Jul

Laura  Nelson

Laura Nelson

I apologize to my maid-Maria. I am sorry for doubting on you. I have found my necklace in my purse.

Posted on : 22 Jul

Phillips  Ford

Phillips Ford

I apologize to my son-Robert. I am sorry for not allowing you for night out with your friends.

Posted on : 22 Jul

Jasmine  Jordan

Jasmine Jordan

I apologize to my friend- Niki. I am sorry for misunderstanding and avoiding you in front of all.

Posted on : 17 Jul

David  Wallace

David Wallace

I apologize to my youngest sister- Sophie. I am sorry for interfering in your personal life.

Posted on : 17 Jul

Nicole Kim

Nicole Kim

My heartfelt apology goes to my mother in law. I am sorry for disappointing you with my cooking. I promise it will not happen in the next time.

Posted on : 17 Jul

Richard  Hamilton

Richard Hamilton

This apology is for my Boss.I am sorry for making such a mistake in the banner design.I promise I will not repeat it.

Posted on : 17 Jul

Olivia  Henderson

Olivia Henderson

This apology is for my cousin brother- Samy. I am sorry for not attending your wedding ceremony.

Posted on : 17 Jul

Daniel  Marshall

Daniel Marshall

This apology is for my girlfriend. I am sorry for making you wait alone in the bus stand.

Posted on : 17 Jul

Thomas  Ford

Thomas Ford

I apologize to my father for breaking the tv remote. It was by mistake.

Posted on : 17 Jul